10 Fun Team Building Activities For Kids

Everyone wants their kids to become social, have better communication skills and learn to work together.

Team building activities for kids enable a sense of self-respect, leadership and confidence in them so that they can participate socially and learn to defuse conflicts.

Teaching to work in groups also enhances listening and speaking skills in kids and provides them a unique set of experience to develop trust, build bonds and form a happy and productive All-star team. Children also learn to develop the ability to interact with their surrounding and analyze tools they can recognize and use for any kind of problem-solving.

There are countless benefits of team building activities for kids. However, you need to make sure that the processes you use to deal with them are easy and fun. Also, as you encourage co-operation among children and show them a fun way to look at life, you need to be open to children and never make an activity MANDATORY.

Check out these 15 fun team building activities that will make your kids learn, laugh and collaborate with their team.

1. Team picnic

Team picnic for team building in kids.

Your kids might be distressed with chunk loads of class assignments at school or getting bored by their regular schedule. The same might be your case too; going to the office early, coming home late and not having enough time to talk to your kid.

Team picnic is what you need to organize. You can invite parents and their kids in the neighborhood to the local park and bring foods, refreshments, and chairs. You also get time to spend with your children and take advantage of the day.

Play “getting to know you” by teaming up with your kids and other families and talk to each other. After you and your children learn a few things, challenge the other group to introduce their team members and see who knows all the details. Sounds fun, right?

2. Team outing

Kids outing is a fun team building activity for kids.

Team outing is a perfect activity for kids to enjoy as they get to see their favorite player or performer they aspire to become.

Ask the local community to carpool and take the kids around the neighborhood to watch a local sports fixture. If the children love other activities, take them to somewhere where you can find professionals in action. Kids will learn and gain a perspective of how they are required to perform at higher level.

3. Ice cream or pizza party

Ice cream party is a fun team building activity for kids.

We all love ice creams and pizzas, don’t we? Gather your team and order what you want from the nearest pizza joint or ice cream parlor.

If you want to get all of your kids in action, bring all the ingredients required to make a pizza and let the children work on it. You can also bring your own ice cream, toppings, syrups and sprinkles and let the children prepare their own sundaes. The kids won’t have any idea how they are working as a team by enjoying themselves. An absolute treat, isn’t it?

4. A day out on the beach

Kids building sandcastle is a fun team building activity.

A lot of kids enjoy playing in the water. All you need to is take the kids to the nearby beach and form teams and let them compete to see who builds the best sandcastle. They’ll learn to co-ordinate with each other and bring ideas to make a sandcastle that stands out from the rest.

You can also take a soccer ball or a frisbee and let your kids play with each other. A frisbee will develop their hand-to-eye coordination and they get to develop themselves physically as well.

Make sure to keep an eye on them every time to ensure they are safe.

5. Human knot

Human Knot game is a good team building activity for kids.

The human knot game does not require any additional materials and is a great way to build communication and teamwork among kids.

Arrange the kids in a circle and ask everyone to grab someone else’s hand across him or her and not the hand of another one standing right next. The kids need to untie the knot and free themselves to form a perfect circle again.

Form at least 3 teams and set a time limit to make the game challenging. The kids will learn to work in teams while also getting to enjoy themselves.

6. Tug of war

Tug of war is a fun team building activity for kids.

Tug of war is a great fun, finale-type team building activity. Though physically exhausting, this activity can be emotionally climaxing for kids.

Pick a soft location outdoor and form groups of 4 kids in each with similar strength. Teach them the rules on how to hold the rope and some safety precautions before starting the game. Command “Go!” and see which team pulls the center knot over their finish line.

Tug of war helps kids to build teams, discuss their strategies and work on it as it is a game tactics and strength both.

7. Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is a fun team building game for kids.

Treasure-hunt is another fun team building activity for kids. A map-based puzzle that is interactive and inexpensive, you need to hide small treasures like gifts, chocolates and balloons indoor and outside and leave clues before the children arrive.

Form groups and provide them with the maps and other details they are required to know. The children will need to work together to assemble the part of the riddle to find the key and the treasure.

This team building game develops communication and problem-solving ability in kids.

8. Three-legged race

Three legged race is a fun team building activity for kids.

The three-legged race is a great game to develop a one-to-one communication skill in kids.

Though the game looks easy, it takes a lot of practice and good co-ordination to make two legs work as one. You need to divide children with similar height and build in pairs and tie inside legs together so that each pair has three legs now.

Mark the start and the finishing line and reward the team that finishes first.

9. Lego bricks

Lego bricks is a great team building activity for kids.

Lego bricks is not only a fun game but also a great team building activity that enhances creativity and critical thinking in children. A lot of development coaches use Lego as part of their team-building exercises to develop and enhance brain functioning.

Arrange the kids in groups with three to five in each and provide them the same number and sizes of Lego pieces. Set a time, like 10 or 20 minutes, and whichever team builds the tallest free-standing structure in the given time wins the challenge.

In order to add more challenge, ask all the team to work on their structure without talking to each other. This will develop the coordination capability in children without needing to talk to each other.

10. Mini soccer

Soccer is an amazing team building activity for kids.

Soccer is one of the best team building games for kids that builds to build their strength and enhances the ability to work as a team.

Divide the children into two groups with about 6-10 kids in each and set each half of the game to about 10-15 minutes each. Let the children pass and dribble as they try to score goals against each other.

The game develops coordination among children as they need to pass the ball and recognize the strengths and weaknesses in order to score and win the game.

The bottom line: Always make sure to reward the best ones and have something as a consolation for every other kid to keep them inspired.

Do you have some other team building ideas for kids? Write us in the comments below.


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